The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

25 February 2005

Finding a spot for Jack and Jill

It's called "The Hill," and it's part of the area known as Deep Deuce; this week the Oklahoma City Urban Renewal Authority heard three competing proposals for residential districts on The Hill.

All the proposals come from that mysterious land called Upscale; the big difference is whether the focus will be on individual ownership or on rentals. I'm thinking that since Deep Deuce already has a row of apartments, the city will prefer homes for sale. The real story, though, is that people are willing to spend some money on building in an area which for years and years was considered blighted or worse. It's technically not a case of gentrification: the dilapidated buildings were removed years ago, so no one is currently being displaced.

Those who worry about urban sprawl must be utterly mystified by Oklahoma City. There is serious development way out on the fringes, but there is just about as much serious development in the very center of town. In between, not much is happening. (My own neighborhood, closer to the center than the fringe, is stable in its sixth decade.) And I figure anything that perplexes the experts is probably a good thing in the long run.

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