The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

26 February 2005

A gentleman's C, maybe

I have always maintained that this little site belongs on the D-list. High on the D-list, perhaps, but certainly no closer to the Pantheon than that. (Yeah, there's that Ecosystem thing, but I try not to take it too seriously.)

Dave Pollard, on the other hand, sets me right below the B-list; his criterion for inclusion therein specifies 1000 hits per day, and the occasionally-reliable SiteMeter says I have been hanging around the 750-800 mark of late — 1100 or so page views — not including RSS feeds, which up to now I have not been bothering to count.

This development is of course alarming, since if traffic continues to increase, it may portend the necessity of having to act like a B-list blogger, a prospect I find daunting, and would likely find even more so if I actually knew what a B-list blogger acts like.

(Tipped off by the entirely-too-appealing Jacqueline Passey, newly arrived at C level by these same standards.)

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