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28 February 2005

Waiting for the recall notices

I have stayed away from the Creationist 2.0 Intelligent Design debate, largely because both sides of the argument have been pretty much beaten to death.

Well, except for this angle: Maybe the design isn't all that damn intelligent, you know?

(Via the very bright Chris Lawrence.)

Posted at 4:11 PM to Immaterial Witness

I got a good laugh at Chris's take on ID. The scary thing is there are whole ID textbooks being foisted onto the world as "scientific" works ... kinda like learning how to build a house using the instructions to the expresso machine ...

Posted by: Ron at 4:27 PM on 28 February 2005

He should look at it this way: God made Heaven first, and then set out to make a less boringly perfect version for the fun of it.

I'm betting the most entertaining part is listening to us self-important dust bunnies complain about how imperfect it is.

Posted by: McGehee at 8:38 AM on 1 March 2005

Actually, one side of the argument has beaten its own self to death while the other side continues to do real science.

Posted by: bruce at 6:09 PM on 1 March 2005

I believe Jerry Seinfeld had a bit about how, if your body was a used car, you'd refuse to buy it: Rotten shape, too much upkeep, wholly unreliable.

Posted by: CT at 9:30 PM on 1 March 2005