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8 March 2005

Curtain call

Maestro Sergiu Comissiona died early Saturday morning here in the city, less than 24 hours before he was scheduled to conduct the Oklahoma City Philharmonic.

But before that final curtain, he taught a master class for conductors at Oklahoma City University, and Matt Deatherage was there:

The Maestro . . . looked quite relaxed. He would occasionally stand beside the podium and conduct briefly alongside a student. He kept tempo with the tiniest motions, so larger hand gestures clearly communicated his style and dynamic wishes.

Sometimes less is more.

And the concert did go on, with Philharmonic Music Director Joel Levine at the helm.

Posted at 8:33 PM to City Scene

I'm reminded of the classic Larson panel with the tagline: "The maestro is decomposing."

Bad taste? Not from the mind of Gary Larson.

Posted by: David at 10:29 PM on 8 March 2005

Yes, David, bad taste. I found it sad that this news made other newspapers across the country before THE OKLAHOMAN thought it worthy of mention.

Posted by: Mike at 12:40 AM on 9 March 2005