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11 March 2005

And a nose of deepest blue

Pedro Almodóvar's Bad Education, one of the more highly-regarded films of 2004, was apparently booked for the Noble Theatre at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art, but was scrapped at the last minute when someone noticed it bore an NC-17 rating.

The Literary Tech sends a missive to that someone:

With respect, I would ask that you seriously reconsider this decision. I would suggest that decisions of this nature will not lead to a growth of the film program at MOA, and this decision does little to stimulate the intellectual life of Oklahoma City. While this issue is most starkly seen when applied to Almodovar's respected work, it is an issue that must redound to other works.

In transcending the immediate concern for Mr. Almodovar's Bad Education, one sees a time where only the most innocuous issues can be addressed in films presented at the MOA theater. The recent Oscar-winning film The Sea Within offers us a case in point. Anyone who takes exception to Mr. Almodovar's fine work would need to consider taking exception to a wide range of films of all sorts. In time, one would expect little of note or merit to be shown on the screen at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art. I hope for more for my city and, one day, for my son.

This was going to be the month that I actually buckled down, ponied up the bucks, and became an OKCMOA member; I think now perhaps I shall wait a while and see what happens.

(Update, 13 March, 9 pm: OKCMOA film curator Brian Hearn says that it was his fault that Bad Education was dropped; the Museum has a policy that requires NC-17 films be submitted to the Museum Board for review, and, he told, he neglected to do so.)

Posted at 6:35 AM to City Scene

I saw Bad Education last year--an interesting (and at times funny) movie although I'm not sure why anyone would care about the rating unless they planned on bringing kiddies along. Well, actually, I do know why someone would care, but being uptight about sex is a poor excuse.

Posted by: sya at 9:01 AM on 11 March 2005

And it's not like the film series at the museum is actively pitched to children, either. (They do have some Family Activities, identified as such.)

Posted by: CGHill at 11:54 AM on 11 March 2005

I like being uptight about sex. It gives me something to look forward to on Christmas morning, like Rush Limbaugh.

Posted by: claretoothloose at 8:42 PM on 12 March 2005

"Rush Limbaugh has often said that being a radio talk show host was like having an adult Christmas every day -- that sense of excitement and anticipation. Despite the early hours, I really looked forward each morning to coming in and commenting on the news." -from Mr. Bates over at

I'm assuming that Mr. Bates doesn't mind if I quote him or link to him.

Posted by: claretoothloose at 10:13 PM on 12 March 2005