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13 March 2005

Playing the demographics

Women, according to the arbiters of political correctness, are an oppressed minority. I've always thought this was rather a bizarre notion, since women actually outnumber men nationwide, something "minorities" just don't do, and the term "oppression" is open to all manner of interpretations, not all of them consistent with history or with Webster's.

The only time you're likely to hear any mention of female numerical superiority, though, is in discussions of dating, where it is a common complaint that there aren't enough guys to go around. Men will look at this and sniff, "Yeah, right, so where are all the girls?" That's usually my cue to quote the late Jan Berry, who was bound for Surf City, where it's two to one.

There's no surfing to speak of in Bristol, Virginia, but it's almost two to one: 1.85 single women per single man, according to Census numbers and ePodunk. The flip-side is Crowley County, an outpost in the southeastern Colorado plains, where the men outnumber the women by slightly more than two to one.

In my own particular county, I'm facing a small numerical surplus of women, to the tune of twenty percent or so, but it's not a tune I know by heart, and picking it out, note by note, is a difficult task at best. Besides, narrowing the field to the one very specific subset required — "women who will actually put up with the likes of me" — is likely to produce an empty set, and a lot of other empty things besides.

(Suggested, quite inadvertently, by Michael Blowhard.)

Posted at 9:31 AM to Table for One

Women as an "oppressed minority" could better be summed up as subserviant. Personally, I have never felt like a second class citizen due to my gender; but, I know women who have expressed such notions.

One can not reduce it down to percentages of populations when trying to find a match. It only takes one, the right one. If you think that sounds lame try this; consider the meantime to be an opportunity to prepare yourself for meeting your match. She is waiting for you somewhere!

Posted by: Babs at 11:15 AM on 13 March 2005

In most contexts, a man's thoughts of "meeting his match" wouldn't be happy ones.

Posted by: McGehee at 11:43 AM on 13 March 2005