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15 March 2005

Have it your way, somewhere else

A couple of weekends ago I noted the general disappearance of Burger King in the metro area.

They're not all gone — Burger King HQ says there are thirty-five locations remaining in central Oklahoma, though their definition of "central" extends as far as McAlester — but local franchiser Ken Knight, who at one time owned fourteen Burger Kings in the area, has shuttered all fourteen, and he and Burger King are going their separate ways due to what Burger King calls a "history of ... failure to meet Burger King operating standards".

(Yes, Burger King has operating standards. Knock it off.)

At least two of the closed Burger Kings had been sharing space with gas stations: a Shell at NE 23rd and I-35, and a Conoco at Pennsylvania and I-44.

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I've noticed them closing in and around Seattle, too, over the past few years. Looks like they may be (to some degree) going the way of Arthur Treacher's and Burger Chef. Oh, and Rax! I miss Rax. Arby's just isn't the same.

Posted by: Lachlan at 10:58 PM on 20 March 2005