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15 March 2005

You, too, can write headlines


Gawker gives this the snark it deserves:

Hey, New York Post: We have limited headline space, too, but címon. This never would've happened under Dawn's watch.

In the spirit of innovation which has always characterized this site (okay, quit laughing, dammit), we now present what boils down to a caption contest with no picture. Your assignment, should you choose to accept it, is to produce a suitable headline for the New York Post story linked above that sounds as Dawn Eden-like as possible. Assuming I can talk her into it (and if I can't, I've got more worries than I thought I did), Dawn herself will pick the winner.

Post your entry as a comment below. I expect this will be open through Friday at least.

Posted at 11:11 AM to Almost Yogurt

I realize I'm not eligible, and also that the following headline would never actually make it into the Post, but it at least would fit into the desired space (96-point type across 57.6 picas is the usual deal for Post banner heds):


Posted by: Dawn Eden at 11:26 AM on 15 March 2005

Bush Likes Mike


NYC Mayor: Chosen One

Posted by: Eutychus Fell at 12:02 PM on 15 March 2005

Bloom Opens for Bush

Posted by: MikeH at 1:15 PM on 15 March 2005

Holocaust Museum: Goal de Mayor

Posted by: npetrikov at 1:34 PM on 15 March 2005

Ok, I start scrolling down to read the entries, hit the first one (skipping the small print), and think, wow, that's really Dawn-class--before I notice who posted it.

The rest of y'all--well, you're doing fine, but you're kind of in the position of the Dave Clark Five going on after the Beatles.

But I respect your courage, 'cause I ain't even trying.

Posted by: Maclin Horton at 2:43 PM on 15 March 2005


Posted by: McGehee at 3:37 PM on 15 March 2005


Posted by: stan at 3:49 PM on 15 March 2005


Posted by: Tom at 9:54 PM on 15 March 2005

I don't know that I could write a witty headline to save my life. However, those who haven't yet seen it might be interested in Jon Stewart's brief rap routine based on that NYPost headline:

Posted by: Kevin Miller at 5:53 PM on 16 March 2005

Mike's Remembers da J's and da G'cide

Posted by: Brad at 1:53 AM on 17 March 2005

Dawn emailed about this last night: her pick among the entries was

Holocaust Museum: Goal de Mayor

by npetrikov.

Thanks to all who participated.

Posted by: CGHill at 6:06 AM on 21 March 2005