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16 March 2005

A house of fine repute

It's been gone for nine years now, and its owner died last month, but The Downtown Guy thinks it's time to resurrect Molly Murphy's — in Bricktown.

I'm thinking it's a hell of an idea. If they're going to pitch Bricktown as a place where Things Happen, well, things were always happening at Molly's. The Oklahoma Gazette once described it as "a mixture of 20s Art Deco and the Taj Mahal," and they weren't kidding. And if the environment was wacky, the staff was insane. The food was okay, maybe a little better than that, but you didn't go to Molly's because you were peckish; you went to Molly's because you wanted to see just what in the heck was going to happen next, and it didn't bother you that you had to wait an hour and twenty minutes to get in.

Yeah, I know: reviving the original Molly's would be right up there with building a shrine to That '70s Show. But everything old eventually is new again, and frankly, I think it's time I got a chance to embarrass my grandchildren, who sooner or later will have to go to the bathroom.

Posted at 6:29 AM to City Scene

Ahhh, Molly Murphy's ... just the mention of the name reminds me of being met with a round of applause from complete strangers when I left the restroom.... that place was merciless. I'm definitely of the mind that Bricktown could use such an eatery.

Posted by: Chase at 4:54 PM on 16 March 2005

I'm against the resurrection of Molly Murphy's. Even though I hated the place as a kid because I found it scary rather than fun or entertaining, I can appreciate it for what it was ... a great place for its time.

Posted by: LilRed at 6:47 PM on 16 March 2005

I don't know if it's possible to recapture the, um, spirit of '76, but if I had to construct my ideal Bricktown, the things that are uniquely Oklahoman would more than balance out the inevitable chains coming to the district, and Molly's had that sort of uniqueness — without having to rely on the standard Soonerland clichés, even. It's certainly not to everyone's tastes, but hardly any place worth going to is.

Posted by: CGHill at 8:57 PM on 16 March 2005

I never understood Molly Murphys. If you're going to
bring something back, bring back Glen's Steak House.
I used to love that picture of the senorita that hung in the bar.

Posted by: mary, queen of scots at 9:27 PM on 16 March 2005

Wow...flashback! I have a few memories of dining at Molly's circa 1985 or so...

Posted by: David at 9:58 AM on 19 March 2005

Glen's had a picture of a senorita that had hung? I know OK is pro death penalty, but isn't having a picture of a hanging displayed in an eating establishment a bit much?

I like the idea of Molly's Redux. I still remember asking 'Televangilist' where the bathroom was. For 10 minutes I was taken from table to table, where he announced that I was "BEING DELIVERED TO THE POTTY!"

Posted by: Dwayne "the canoe guy" at 12:13 PM on 19 March 2005