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17 March 2005

Coming and going

The Ohio House had passed an amendment to the Buckeye State's transportation budget to get rid of the front license plate, saying it was an unnecessary expense, but the Senate version of the bill, which retains the front plate, prevailed in committee, arguing that displaying a front plate served the needs of law enforcement.

Before you ask, yes, Timothy McVeigh, on the way out of Oklahoma, was busted on a plate violation, but he didn't have any plates on the car. (Oklahoma has managed just fine for sixty-one years with only rear plates.)

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I actually know quite a bit about this subject from my lobbying days. Generally, the gas stations and convenience store associations support front plates because they have a better chance of catching thieves. Law enforcement likes them because they don't have to walk around a car that is parked backward or pulled up behind them in order to read the plate (this is a safety issue, not a laziness issue). 3M, who manufactures the reflective material, likes it because it doubles the sale!

I know you didn't ask, but....

Posted by: Jan at 11:52 PM on 17 March 2005