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19 March 2005

Instant trash

Somebody must have thought this was a really great idea:

  1. Print up ad pieces for two co-owned but otherwise unrelated businesses.

  2. Wrap them around used plastic cores obtained God knows where.

  3. Cover the resulting cylinders with about three square feet of shrinkwrap, which will require a minimum of five minutes with a pocket knife to remove.

  4. Lob them into people's yards.

Department-store king John Wanamaker used to say that half the money he spent on advertising was wasted, but he couldn't tell which half. I think it's a safe bet that whatever Keller Lawn Care / Heating and Air Conditioning spent on this little exercise was pretty much pissed away.

Posted at 4:20 PM to Dyssynergy

If I'm correct this is Keller as in aka Dan Keller ... he's an old car salesman / special finance guy at the old Dockum Pontiac plance ... you know how they are ... it's probably just a genetic (mutated) thing :)

Posted by: Ron at 4:59 PM on 19 March 2005

You are correct, sir.

Posted by: CGHill at 5:49 PM on 19 March 2005

We subscribed to the Sunday Oklahoma and got Wednesday thrown in. That was fine.

I realize that some people with a longer history in Oklahoma City love not The Oklahoman, but I have nothing against it. Except more than a month ago they decided to start throwing it in my yard every day, I guess thinking they'd "get me hooked" on the good stuff.

But I can't read it every day. So the effect is, someone is throwing trash into my yard every day.

Posted by: Dan at 10:02 PM on 19 March 2005

And these plastic cores, what size would they be? Perhaps you could sell them to model railroaders in one scale or another either as tank cars or grain elevators.

Posted by: triticale at 12:42 PM on 21 March 2005