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20 March 2005

But always two groups

Remember the flap over Linkers vs. Thinkers? It's back, and now there are gender implications (see Comment V):

the main difference i see between male and female bloggers is that (by and large) male bloggers tend to be content aggregators, whereas female bloggers tend to be content providers. with a lot of the male blogs, all the hyper-linking sometimes comes across as a bit of willy-waving — "oh look at me, look at the sources i read." with female blogs, it's more frequently more general, chatty, real even.

Of course, there is a disclaimer attached:

to solve the wild generalisation problem such a sweeping comment creates: some male bloggers write 'female' blogs and some female bloggers write 'male' blogs.

Okay, I'll buy that, provided the quotes are kept in place, though it's ultimately a circular argument. Certainly there's no clear delineation that can be reliably identified by textual analysis, and no one person reads so many blogs that (s)he is capable of making this sort of judgment call and making it stick.

(I could say something about "male bloggers tend to use actual capitalization once in a while," but that isn't universally true either.)

For myself, I still think I am where I was when I wrote my original piece on the subject two years ago: somewhere in between. On the other hand, I must agree that there's an awful lot of, um, willy-waving out there. I assume I'm not doing much of it, because I don't hear a lot of giggling in the background.

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You are right. It cannot be that easy to characterize the blogosphere.

One would have to decide on some rules that would properly separate willy-waving from content producing.

Often, willl-waving and content producing are very much the same thing.

Posted by: Bleedingbrain at 12:39 PM on 21 March 2005