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21 March 2005

Lofty ambitions

If you've always wanted to live in a loft in downtown Oklahoma City — and obviously some of you did, or there wouldn't be any efforts to increase the supply of same — The Downtown Guy has an overview of what's available and a hint of what's coming.

And surely it's coming. Mayor Cornett has claimed that there is a market for 6,000 housing units in the downtown area; fewer than 1,000 are currently available. There is construction in MidTown, just to the northwest; plans are being made for the east.

I tend to marvel at this sort of thing, but then I remember the mausoleum that was downtown Oklahoma City thirty years ago: maybe a few signs of life from 9 to 5, but forget anything after sunset. Now, with rental units in the 'burbs being old and decrepit and boring — the big apartment boom in the Seventies resulted in serious overbuilding, just in time for the energy industry to go bust — downtown is becoming the place to be, especially if you work in the business district and have no desire to burn up lots of increasingly-expensive gasoline to get there.

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