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21 March 2005

Mundane, mundane

Five points if your next line is "Can't trust that Dane."

Anyway, this is just a couple of not-entirely-random observations from a Monday afternoon.

Two reliable signs of spring were very much in evidence today: Gary England in his shirtsleeves telling the KWTV audience that "there's a fair amount of rotation" in some storm out in Lower Boondochia, which we of course never mock because we know said storm is headed here next, and the return of Cars from Hell, or at least Heck. Not far from Surlywood, in the space of sixty seconds, I counted three orphaned Daewoos, a battered Nissan Stanza wagon (taller than it's wide, or so it looked), and a remarkably-unbattered Peugeot 505 wagon. It's very rare to see any Frenchmobiles around town; I figure the last Renault 5/Le Car wound up as a kiddie ride at a county fair somewhere.

If you said you were going to show me a list of the Top 20 Monty Python sketches of all time, I'm sure I would have expected "The Spanish Inquisition," though I wouldn't have expected Entertainment Weekly's Josh Wolk (in issue #812) to have picked it as Number One. Still, he justifies it well:

Red-caped crusading cardinals threaten torture with (gasp!) the comfy chair! Unforgettable for one reason: torture by kitchen drying rack, and Michael Palin's inability to count — two! Two reasons!

Dennis Moore? Dennis Moore? He's not in this bit.

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Guess no one liked this one huh?

Posted by: claretoothloose at 7:20 PM on 22 March 2005

I liked it. And really, that's all that matters in this context.

Posted by: CGHill at 12:17 PM on 23 March 2005