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23 March 2005

Goodwin v. Harvard update

Richard Riley, representing Harvard, testified yesterday that there was "no hint" of discrimination against librarian Desiree Goodwin, whose lawsuit against the university began yesterday.

Goodwin stated that she had written a piece of ad copy for an employee newspaper in which she described, presumably tongue-in-cheek, her "never-ending quest to defy the image of the typical librarian"; she said her boss had heard a complaint about the piece from one of the head librarians. But what rankled her, evidently, was the boss's suggestion that she look for work elsewhere: "You really should apply outside of Harvard because the first thing employers look for is a qualified black person."

(I will probably do more of these, partly because they seem to draw readers, partly because I find this case interesting, and partly to take my mind off that other fortyish woman in the headlines who faces far worse a fate.)

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