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24 March 2005

Where there's a will

Steve Sailer, talking about the quest for a bequest:

[M]illions of Blue State Baby Boomers are in line to inherit a bundle ... but not if Mom or Dad lives forever or, especially, if his or her slowly declining health requires a fortune in expensive care. A nice quick fatal heart attack would do the trick, but with Lipitor and the like these days, oldsters are going slower.

So, when you wonder why a lot of people, especially Democrats, are okay with starving Terri Schiavo to death instead of having her kept expensively alive, follow the money.

It's hardly the only reason, but it's out there, and part of a big topic that almost nobody wants to talk about in 21st Century America.

It's fascinating, if not even slightly surprising, how often "follow the money" works.

I am, of course, part of a long line of people who didn't leave much of an estate, a practice I expect to continue.

(Via La Shawn Barber, who has quite a collection of Terri-related material at this link.)

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