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25 March 2005

It's never been a boys' club

A reminder from Aldahlia for those still wondering "Where are the women bloggers?":

There are MORE female bloggers out there than male. And, females have been in the blogging business for just as long, despite the claim that "men are more technical and got here first." Usr/bin/girl's blog started when Kottke's did. JenniCam hit the big time around the same time as Matt Drudge. KatGyrl set up the old school font collective before Atrios had even found

I suspect both Drudge and Jenni would wince at being lumped in with the bloggers, but the point is made: the guys didn't blaze this trail alone. Indeed, one of the reasons I started doing this on a daily basis five years ago was sheer admiration for what I was reading at /usr/bin/girl, which is to this day listed on the front-page sidebar under "Inspirations". (Bless you, Zannah. The rest of you, please do not hold this against her.)

And anyone who'd argue that "men are more technical" never saw me trying to fix a MySQL error.

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"Where are the women bloggers?"

Not being talked about by men. I think it's time we just dealt with this fact of human nature and moved on.

Posted by: Andrea Harris at 9:15 PM on 25 March 2005

Ah, Zannah's was one of the sites I found early on. I don't go there nearly often enough, anymore.

Posted by: wheels at 9:37 AM on 26 March 2005

Thank you for the link. We always appreciate plugs wherever we can get them -- positive or otherwise.

Although Wal-Mart is full of female employees, 99% of its managers used to be men. So, while you can claim Wal-Mart was not not a "boy's club" you certainly can't ignore thre fact that Wal-Mart was ignoring the contribution its female employees were making to the business. Since Wal-Mart was sued for gender discrimination, it started promoting women to management positions.

So, while the blogosphere is dominated by female bloggers (56% to be exact, I've done the research), you certainly can't ignore that 99% of the A-listers are MEN. I would certainly call that a boy's club. It's a shame some "women" can't see the forest for the trees.

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BlogsbyWomen (

Posted by: Genia at 2:21 PM on 26 March 2005

Actually, I never made any particular reference to Wal-Mart and its hiring practices, but then I seldom go there for anything anyway.

And the A-list is subject to change; about the only thing you can count on is that I won't be on it. :)

Posted by: CGHill at 2:45 PM on 26 March 2005