The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

26 March 2005

A hurried change of subject

So here's where things stand in the Desiree Goodwin case:

Under cross-examination, the Harvard assistant librarian said that she'd been turned down for higher positions at four other universities, and admitted that her science background was insufficient for one of the Harvard slots she'd sought.

Meanwhile, the Interested-Participant takes a dim view of Goodwin's case:

My take on her lawsuit is that she seems to have a disagreeable personality and promoting her would probably cause friction. Sexy or not, Goodwin doesn't appear to display the personal skills necessary for a job with more responsibility and authority. With a history of continuously complaining about her job and running to the newspaper to whine, management would seem to have ample reason to decide against promoting her. As for the contention that Goodwin is "too sexy," I've seen several pictures and I think she looks frumpy.

As a person with a verifiably disagreeable personality, I can testify that I can cause friction even on the bottom rung.

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