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27 March 2005

Rap : music :: welding : fish

Okay, that's not the precise comparison I was looking for, but I'm thinking Syaffolee might agree:

Some would argue that people dislike certain types of music because they haven't listened enough to it to grow to like it. Well I can say this: After being forced to listen to a profanity-ladden rap song on infinite looping from last night to this afternoon (played by no other than my annoying neighbors), my opinion of the genre has gone from extremely strong dislike to utter and complete loathing. Like going from -10 to -10^10^10^10. As for my neighbors, I wish someone would implant some earphones in their ears so they'd be forced to listen to a certain singing purple dinosaur for 24/7.

Noisy neighbors, of course, never listen to anything you like; this is a Law of Nature or something. (If you liked it, it wouldn't be noise, would it?)

And speaking of metalaws, the one most pertinent here would seem to be a variation on Gresham's: crappy music crowds out non-crappy music. Some — not I — might call that the Clear Channel Corollary.

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Or maybe it's that law where popularity is determined by the lowest common denominator.

Posted by: sya at 9:02 AM on 28 March 2005