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28 March 2005

The monkey off its back

Montgomery Ward is back, sort of.

Yeah, I'm as surprised as you are. "Wards? They're dead."

But General Electric apparently sold the name to some enterprising Iowans — which fits with Wards' Midwestern origins — and they're on the Web selling stuff. No brick-and-mortar stores. There's even a catalog of sorts.

If this was announced somewhere, I missed it.

Posted at 11:02 AM to Almost Yogurt

Ward's ... dear God ... I can remember selling furniture there eons ago. And do I remember the markup ... I always wondered how they went out of business (NOT) ...

This could be an interesting comeback ... damn near Burns and Allen'ish.

Posted by: ron at 11:13 AM on 28 March 2005

My former mother-in-law bought nearly every piece of furniture she ever owned from "Gummy Wards", as she called it. I never comprehended the mystique it held on her.

Still, I'm glad to hear that the name is the property of a company that is located in this country. Dare one hope that the merchandise is manufactured here too?

Posted by: hernesheir at 2:00 PM on 28 March 2005

Remember the Sammy Sosa ads at the end? I can just picture the director screaming, "It's WARD's for God's sake, not DWARS!"

Posted by: Dan at 9:13 PM on 28 March 2005