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28 March 2005

Deprived of context

Steve Allen, trying to show how horrible that rock and roll stuff really was, spent some time on his TV show declaiming lyrics the way you'd read a poem to a middle-school English class. And he took care to pick the most preposterous words he could, penned by the estimable Richard Penniman. They went something like this:

A-wop-bop-a-loo-bop, ba-lop bam boom.

Legend has it that this is the sanitized version, recorded at the insistence of Specialty's Art Rupe. If this be true, you perhaps don't want to hear Richard's original words.

The closest thing to a modern-day equivalent of this feat? The B-side of Ben Folds' 7-inch single "Landed," from the upcoming Songs for Silverman, is a perfectly straightforward cover of a Dr. Dre classic — classic, that is, in terms of its Not Safe For Work terminology.

What's worse, it's actually pretty ******* good, though I can't imagine it getting the Syaffolee seal of approval. Sony has a stream for Windows Media Player which you can pick up here. It's not safe for work either.

(Via Blue Dot Blog.)

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