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29 March 2005

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Heavy stuff from Babs:

[W]here is the line between blogging for ones own enjoyment and the responsibility of maintaining a public blog?

Right about here: ________________________

I did that because (1) I enjoyed it, lame as it was, and (2) I figure there are at least two or three readers who will accept it in the spirit in which it was given. (The Snark was a Boojum, you see.)

I do try to shove something up here at least once a day. (In practice, it's more like four or five times a day, assuming I'm not on Tour.) And I'm not above coming up with items that will elicit responses from specific individuals who are known to frequent this site; by so doing, I create the illusion of dialogue, which may not sound impressive until you compare it to the average monologue.

As the dean kucinich of Oklahoma bloggers, I have certain responsibilities, one of which is that I should occasionally write about things in Oklahoma. I feel that I occasionally meet this standard. However, I do try to avoid the appearance of tunnel vision, especially since I am not qualified in the field of proctology. (If I were, admittedly, it would at least afford me a different perspective during my bouts of navel-gazing.)

And, of course, I blog to meet girls. This works extremely well for some people, less well for others, and by "others" I mean "me."

But beyond that, I figure once it ceases to be fun, I probably should go look for some other avocation, even though the replacement will probably cost more (at its worst, running this place runs twentyish a month) and do less to shore up my insufficiently-outsized ego.

Besides, I've run this site for almost nine freaking years. As commitments go, this has to be one of the longer ones in my life. It's certainly the one that's caused me the least dyspepsia.

Posted at 7:00 AM to Screaming Memes

Sometimes, that line can get really blurry. I prefer not to think about any blogging responsibilities. Responsibilities take the fun out of things and I'd rather not stress about blogging when there are so many other things demanding my attention.

Posted by: sya at 11:53 AM on 29 March 2005

Charles, you drew a very nice line.

The most interesting thing in this quandary of mine is to see how others view their blogging obligation . . . if any at all.

You answered two other questions of mine in a matter of what, two sentences. I was wondering where you went to meet women; and if any love relationships had developed through blogging. What a touching story.

Anyway, before this comment turns into a letter, let me say considering your 9 year blogging success and as our "kucinich?" I figure I better start taking notes as I continue the joys of blogging.

Posted by: Babs at 3:59 PM on 29 March 2005

Is it weird that I feel guilty when I skip a day or two of blogging?
I feel the need to be loyal to my adoring public reader.

Posted by: aka_monty at 5:52 PM on 29 March 2005

When I moved into Surlywood, I had neither phone service nor cable service for the first four days; I had to decamp to the public library to post stuff.

Which, of course, I did.

Posted by: CGHill at 6:45 PM on 29 March 2005

Okay Charles, I'm jotting that down and filing under: dedication.

Posted by: Babs at 8:52 PM on 29 March 2005