The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

29 March 2005

Accounts receivable

Lemuel was about half an hour into Das Rheingold when his mother branded him a "pervert" for listening to such things.

The pivotal scene here is when the giants, Fafnir and Fasolt, show up to collect from Wotan for building Valhalla, and the payment they demand is the goddess Freia. Wotan has no intention of handing over the goddess — it's his sister-in-law, after all, and his wife would never let him hear the end of it — and henchperson Loge, after looking for ways to get Wotan off the hook, reports that there's one alternative: the gold of the Rhinemaidens, recently swiped by the dwarf Alberich. The giants agree to the deal, but they take Freia with them as, um, insurance, and Loge and Wotan must descend into Alberich's realm and figure out some way to make off with the gold.

I guess this is sort of perverted, or at least perverse. Still, as Lemuel notes:

Lucky for me I wasn’t listening to Ligeti's Musica Ricercata or Lux Aeterna.

At least with Lux Aeterna you're too busy appreciating the shimmer of the vocalscape (is that a word?) to pay attention to the actual words.

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