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29 March 2005

Help like this we didn't need

Rich Lowry at National Review Online's The Corner, on Randall Terry:

I'm guessing that everytime he opens his mouth on TV support for keeping Terri Schiavo alive drops another couple of points.

On that basis, Jesse Jackson will likely kill off whatever support remains.

(Via Outside the Beltway.)

Posted at 11:15 AM to Life and/or Death

I wrote a bit about Mr. Terry. He stole many hours of my life from me during the summer of '91.

More here

Posted by: Matt at 11:26 AM on 29 March 2005

I'm inclined to think that Randall Terry may have intimidated the Schindlers into having his as a spokeman, he is that slimy. And don't you know that he is raising cash to boot on this whole ordeal.

BTW, Matt, as far as a "spokesman/leader that their opponents cannot immediately marginalize out of hand," I'd say that once Randall Terry is out of the way after this, you will hear a lot more about Brandi Swindell on the pro-life side. Nice, pretty, and willing to let the mere action of quietly sitting in do the job.

Posted by: Brad S at 7:48 PM on 29 March 2005