The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

31 March 2005

On the edge of town

A bill last year to simplify incorporation for small communities in the shadow of the big cities apparently didn't simplify matters enough, says the Attorney General.

The rural community of Banner, south of El Reno in Canadian County, sought to incorporate, citing 2004's House Bill 1858, which specified that communities within five miles of a city with population over 200,000 (which is to say, Oklahoma City and Tulsa) would be allowed the option provided the county commissioners can be persuaded that the area involved is compact and has historically been identified as a community. But the opinion of Attorney General Drew Edmondson states that while Banner might meet that requirement, a previously-existing requirement which prohibits incorporation of communities within three miles of cities with population under 200,000 was still legally in effect. Both Mustang and El Reno are within three miles of Banner.

The AG's opinion might also spoil the incorporation plans of Turley, a community in north Tulsa County, whose proposed city limits reach to within three miles of Sperry.

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