The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

31 March 2005

No takers yet

The house presently known as Surlywood went on sale on a Tuesday and sold that Saturday (contract was agreed to on Sunday), which wasn't a record for Oklahoma City real estate, but certainly delighted the seller's agent, who didn't have to put in a whole lot of work, and the seller herself, who got pretty much every cent she asked for it.

Not everyone has this good fortune. In December I wrote about a house in The Greens that the owner was advertising, among other places, on the Web. Way out of my price range, and I wasn't looking to trade up anyway, but I thought the seller's Web site was sorta neat, and I figured the place would sell in a big hurry.

A hundred days later and still it's for sale, and the owner has enlisted one of the brand-name agencies to assist in the matter. I'll keep an eye open for a few more weeks, just because.

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