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1 April 2005

And it comes on a stick

Michael Bates, riffing on this item, passes on the ultimate test of whether a neighborhood has good "walkability":

Can a child safely walk from his home to the store to buy a popsicle? The absence of this kind of walkability means a loss of independence for children, the disabled, and the elderly who no longer feel confident behind the wheel of a car. It also gives us less flexibility to cope with rising fuel costs — we can't choose to walk to the corner store rather than drive to the supermarket.

The nearest place is a c-store at 5050 North May. It doesn't require any crossing of major thoroughfares, at least from the blocks adjacent to mine, but both the streets that intersect there (May and 50th) have their slightly-scary aspects.

And come to think of it, the only thing I've ever bought there is gas; I have no idea whether they stock quiescently frozen confections.

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I feel fairly certain that they do :)
As you know these places are not designed to be walked to but rather to be driven into. It is all about the vehicles in this State.

Posted by: ms7168 at 11:27 AM on 2 April 2005