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6 April 2005

Two tales of turnout

A mere 1,543 people turned out for the runoff for the District 2 seat on the Oklahoma City school board yesterday, in which Gail Vines defeated Gary Walker. At my precinct, evidently they had side bets on how many bodies would show up at the polls; somebody was saying "Well, we got our sixty" as I was leaving. (I was #58.)

Meanwhile, 3,430 people (more than ever before) showed up at this Web site yesterday, the vast majority of which were reading this page from the fall of 2003, presumably because the story contained therein ended this week.

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Election apathy evidently extends to the electronic media. I looked in vain last night for Edmond's election results. I had to get the dead-tree edition of The Oklahoman from my yard this MORNING to find out who won YESTERDAY's Edmond ...

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Such turnout ... It's sad isn't it. And to think I busted my butt to get around last week to vote early at the Election Commission's office. I was actually pretty darned proud of my #1 voter position on the log. In the face of such dismal turnout I was reminded of the old saying by Stalin "Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide EVERYTHING".

Posted by: Ron at 8:12 AM on 6 April 2005

The two City Council runoffs drew a bit over 3,000 each, which sounds better, until you consider that each of the eight wards contains about 533000/8 = 66,625 people.

Posted by: CGHill at 8:57 AM on 6 April 2005

Imagine the turnout if we elected players for football teams.

And the worst part is that folks would have a better understanding of the candidates.

Posted by: Mike at 9:43 AM on 6 April 2005

Good for Gail! She'll do a great job.

Now, if she could only use her influence to get a larger wine pour at Flip's.

Posted by: FreakyBoy at 9:48 AM on 6 April 2005

My husband and I went to vote at 6:00 p.m. and nobody was there. No poll workers, no signs, no voters. Do the polls for these elections close earlier???

Posted by: Jan at 10:05 AM on 6 April 2005

District 2 extends no farther south than 36th Street. (Map here.)

And you wouldn't have been affected by the City Council runoffs, either, since you don't live in either Ward 4 or Ward 8.

Posted by: CGHill at 10:21 AM on 6 April 2005

Sometimes I would do better to remain silent, now wouldn't I?

(thanks for the map, she said sheepishly)

Posted by: Jan at 9:38 PM on 6 April 2005