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6 April 2005

Is it time yet?

File this under "I'm not really surprised, and yet..."

Sean Gleeson (may his tribe increase, but not right this minute) has worked up a Fertility Wizard for use in natural family planning, formerly known as the "rhythm method," occasionally known as "Vatican roulette" by those who presumably couldn't get it to work.

Gleeson says that the methodology used is 95 percent accurate, should your cycle run between 26 and 32 days. (If it doesn't, you should not use the Wizard.) There are more effective gauges of one's fertility, but they require equipment that doesn't interface particularly well with a Web browser.

Apart from its, um, religious implications, there is one distinct advantage to this technique: a notable lack of side effects, especially when compared to stuff like The Pill.

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Thanks, Charles! If I'd known you were of a mind to promote the Fertility Wizard, I would have sent you the 30-second radio spot! (.wav file, 1.3 mb)

Posted by: Sean Gleeson at 11:46 AM on 6 April 2005