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6 April 2005

Coffeehouses of the holy

Dave talks about Delocator:

The mission of this site/service, in as simple terms as I can manage, is: don't buy from Starbucks, or any other business that (a) doesn't adhere to bohemian ideals, (b) doesn't serve free-range coffee or other cruelty-free products; (c) does encourage all staff members to sport tattoos and pierced tongues and so-very-hip eyewear. In fact, according to Delocator, the "Starbucks-ization" of coffeehouses is very bad.

I've never so much as set foot in a Starbucks, so I'm not inclined to award them Tool of the Antichrist status myself, but occasionally my smugness rouses itself to the fore, so I now announce a new and utterly worthless meme.

Based on Jason Kottke's Starbucks Density premise, the Bratsucks ("Starbucks" spelled sideways) Index is determined by going to Delocator and entering your ZIP code, then dividing the number of non-Starbucks locations listed by the number of Starbucks locations listed. (For 73112, where I live, the BI is 1.5.)

If this catches on — but never mind, why should it?

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I got a divide-by-zero exception! Double Shot Coffee, Cafe Cubana, and Saffron (all with free Wi-Fi) divided by no Starbucks.

Posted by: Michael Bates at 12:17 PM on 6 April 2005

I told you it was utterly worthless. :)

Posted by: CGHill at 12:20 PM on 6 April 2005

I can do you one better, Michael (from my perspective, since to me the only good coffee house is a Dunkin' Donuts) -- I had to divide zero by zero.

Posted by: McGehee at 4:10 PM on 6 April 2005

I had to divide zero by zero.

Head .. going .. to .. explode.

My report is inaccurate at 0.

Full Cup is near to us and has free Wi-Fi. Let's not forget Java Dave's, which should only count 0.5 as corporate, IMO.

Posted by: Dan at 4:22 PM on 6 April 2005

I like Starbucks. Sure the special coffee drinks are overpriced, and the regular is like battery acid -- but if you want good regular coffee then go to Dunkin' Donuts. Go to Starbucks for the fancy specialty drinks.

Posted by: Andrea Harris at 5:34 PM on 6 April 2005

Perhaps the best argument for Starbucks is who hates it. :)

Posted by: CGHill at 6:47 PM on 6 April 2005

Touche, Charles...well said.

Posted by: david at 8:14 PM on 6 April 2005