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7 April 2005

Great with brushness

As distinguished from "brush with greatness," something I've never actually had, though when Dawn Eden wins her National Book Award, I plan to mention that I knew her when (though seldom her where). Something similar will follow when old pal Brian A. Hopkins nabs a Nebula Award. (He was a finalist in '99, and has won four Bram Stoker Awards.)

Beyond them, though, I've never been even in the shadow of celebrity, unless you want to count that time in the Galleria in Sherman Oaks where I thought I caught a glimpse of Shelley Long from here down, and I don't, particularly. Nothing in my life lends itself to that sort of thing, although I did once get an email from Roger Ebert. There were those two local television appearances, one horrible, the other slightly less horrible, but those don't count for much.

Officially, I'm quite content with my anonymity. (I draw some inspiration from Conan O'Brien, who, in his first press conference after being named the host of Late Night, responded to the question "Why would NBC entrust this show to a relative unknown?" with a brisk "Sir, I am a complete unknown.") And I have no desire for the trappings of celebrity; I don't need a black Amex card, a lodge in Gstaad, an S-class Benz. Still, before they bang me on the forehead with a plastic Fisher-Price mallet and pronounce me Deader Than Usual, I'd like to feel, just once, that something I did or said actually affected someone both positively and substantially. But I bet I'll hit the lotto first.

(Requested by Dwayne.)

Posted at 5:48 PM to General Disinterest

I'd like to feel, just once, that something I did or said actually affected someone both positively and substantially.

Ask your daughter.

Posted by: McGehee at 9:33 PM on 7 April 2005

If anything, it's the other way around; I've learned far more from her than she ever did from me.

Posted by: CGHill at 9:38 PM on 7 April 2005

Charles, I have to admit that, despite what you might think, I look upon your blog and all the utterings therein, the next stage of blogdom that I wish to attain.

You have a wonderful twist of a phrase, you pummel us with puns, and give a little color on politics, both local & world(ly). Keep it up, you are having an effect on several bloggers & readers out here in the bandwidth buggy.

Posted by: Dwayne "the canoe guy" at 11:41 PM on 7 April 2005

Charles, I was thinking of the "did" portion of the remark, since something you did, if you hadn't, would have made her life a whole lot less ... possible.

Posted by: McGehee at 9:27 AM on 8 April 2005

This was, how shall I say it, more or less accidental. :)

Maybe I can mention copying the TrackBack URL into the Comment window.

Posted by: CGHill at 9:45 AM on 8 April 2005

I consider the effects of your blog on my daily life both positive and substantial.

I find myself to be a minor local celebrity, at least for the next month or so, as I continue to compete in the "Arkansas' Biggest Loser" contest.

That will, of course, fade faster than my considerable poundage. But as long as my wife is happy about it, I'm good.

Posted by: Nixon1971 at 12:35 PM on 8 April 2005

I read your blog. What more do you want?

Sheesh. Some people are so dang needy!

Posted by: Eric at 10:29 PM on 8 April 2005

I suppose a statue in Kerr Park is out of the question, then? :)

Posted by: CGHill at 10:31 AM on 9 April 2005