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8 April 2005

And then there was one

I ran out of Bextra a couple weeks ago, and began looking for a replacement anti-inflammatory, on the reasonable basis that (1) the chemically-similar Vioxx had already been withdrawn from the market and (2) the third of the COX-2 inhibitors in general use, Celebrex, never did much for me.

Now Bextra is being pulled off the shelves as well, leaving Celebrex alone to carry on the product class. And buyers of Celebrex, and lots of other NSAIDs*, will be faced with a bevy of new product warnings.

Meanwhile, after unsuccessful trials with Relafen, I am in the process of switching to Mobic. It, too, will get the industrial-strength warnings. I do hope my prescription plan is amenable to the new stuff; they really hated Bextra, demanding a note from the prescribing physician in addition to the actual prescription itself, and then tacking an extra 50 percent onto the copayment.

*Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs

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It does appear that the bean-counters who work for hospitals and medical insurance companies seem to think that pain is good for you.

They've probably never even had a really robust toothache, let alone something serious.

Posted by: McGehee at 9:33 AM on 8 April 2005

You know you're getting old when...

You blog about medications more than twice in one week. ;)

Posted by: MikeH at 1:37 PM on 8 April 2005

And I haven't even mentioned the stuff I take for my blood pressure.

Posted by: CGHill at 2:38 PM on 8 April 2005