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9 April 2005

Pease porridge in the pot

Nine years old.

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Charles Hill, proprietor extraordinaire of Dustbury, is celebrating his 9th blogging anniversary today. Congratulations, Chaz!......[read more]

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Charles G. Hill marks nine years of his website, remembering pages past: Another page that's disappeared was the Feedback Form, which I wrote in 1997, and which never got much use. There was a text box for comments, and a place to identify yourself, bu......[read more]

Kudos, Charles -- arguably the longest-serving true blogger; certainly one of the best; probably one of the smartest; always one of the funniest.

You're an inspiration to me -- I've got just about 1/2 the time in as you do, but I'll get closer to catching you every day!

Posted by: david at 11:06 PM on 8 April 2005

This deserves its own post. Forgive me if I don't write it now. I'm about half-dead. (Sorry, little Texasism slipped in)


I would call you clever if it weren't damnation with faint praise. If there were a word for "clever cubed", it would apply to you, Chaz.

If you ever wonder "Why the HELL am I still doing this?" keep in mind that your site is a touchstone for many of us - those 900 visitors a day. Your content mix is perfect - your esoterica is right up my alley, and your incisive wit is a joy to read.

Posted by: Dan at 12:27 AM on 9 April 2005

What he said :)

Posted by: ms7168 at 10:30 AM on 9 April 2005

Nueve años? ¡Ay fantástico! Felicitaciones...y mucho más.

Posted by: Eric at 10:17 PM on 9 April 2005