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9 April 2005

Squint city

The Big Bank that bought the Not-So-Big Bank where I keep my pennies is being slowly (and, from the looks of things, painfully) absorbed by a Bigger Bank, and the results so far have been mixed.

An example: this month's statement, which contains the following announcement:


Well, yes and no. The format is better-organized than before — for instance, withdrawals are now grouped by type (checks, ATM, online payments, others) — but except for the headings, the whole thing is rendered in some approximation of Avant Garde Gothic Extra Light that's so narrow it barely manages to make it onto the page, making it difficult for geezers like me to read.

And one other thing: my original six-digit (!) account number, which previously sprouted three leading zeroes to fit it into a nine-digit matrix, has now been stretched all the way to fifteen digits: nine zeroes and the original six digits. I suppose, though, it could be worse; at least I can remember this, assuming I don't lose count somewhere in that string of ciphers.

Posted at 10:00 AM to Common Cents

Tell them to try Tahoma or -- my particular favorite for fine-print uses -- Bitstream Vera Sans. Both highly legible, in my opinion.

Posted by: McGehee at 10:15 AM on 9 April 2005

Uh oh. Looks like somebody asked an artist to choose a new font for your statements. Please, gods of banking, keep the artists away from my statement.

If artists ran the world, banking statements would be graphics only, preferably in Flash with no bothersome "text" to get in the way.

Posted by: Dan at 8:55 PM on 9 April 2005

Oh, but text is so mundane! And numbers!? Smack me with an ennui bat, why don't you?

Posted by: McGehee at 11:06 AM on 10 April 2005