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9 April 2005

Saturday spottings (northwest-oriented)

Because, you know, sometimes things happen in my neck of the woods.

One of those things is the upgrading of the Target store at May and Northwest Distressway to Super status, for which the entrance has been moved to the southern end of the store. (The Office Depot store that used to occupy the north end of the building has relocated around the corner.) Next time I'm due for some Targeting — and it has to be fairly soon, because I have a 10-percent-off coupon I have to use sometime this month — I'll see what the inside looks like.

Speaking of the Distressway, Dub Richardson seems to have moved his Toyota store out of the little patch of Warr Acres that sticks up that far north and into newer quarters west of Council Road, fairly far out but not so far as Steve Bailey's Honda dealership. Commercial development beyond County Line Road hasn't happened yet, but it's bound to sooner or later.

And much work is being done on the northernmost stretch of Western Avenue in the city (between Memorial and 199th), suggesting that this is going to be the Next Big Corridor, and further blurring the lines between Oklahoma City and Edmond. The right-of-way is lined with massive tubes for utility use, and the road itself is being made over and in some places widened. The stretch of Western that runs through Edmond (north to about 220th/Coffee Creek) is still fairly rural-ish, but on the OKC side there's lots of housing, including what looked like half a dozen gated communities.

Sign at a cigar store on May: NICE ASHTON, BABY. Is this going to sell any actual cigars?

Posted at 7:28 PM to City Scene

I talked to the Target people to get the scoop and found out it will not be a real Super Target, but it will be close. It will have some grocery items, but no deli or meat or produce. I think maybe they'll have some dairy and some frozen food. They will have a Starbucks. He said the store would be very much like the Target further out west on N.W. Expressway, but NOT like the store at Penn and Memorial. They also don't expect to have the expansion completed until September!!

Posted by: Jan at 11:25 PM on 9 April 2005

The most important thing, from my point of view, is that they're improving an existing store, rather than simply abandoning a box and building elsewhere. (And I'd just as soon avoid the Penn/Memorial intersection altogether, at least until it can handle some semblance of the traffic it gets.)

On which topic, I passed by the Incredible Pizza place, which is occupying what used to be the Warr Acres Wal-Mart, and which should be opening fairly soon. From what I've heard, this is supposed to be Chuck E. Cheese without the cheesiness.

Posted by: CGHill at 8:28 AM on 10 April 2005

The Incredible Pizza place sounds intriguing ... I do, however, hope they put in a light at that horrible crossing,turning,whirling,swirling little purgatory of an intersection ......I've seen some spectacular "near misses" there before.

Posted by: ron at 8:09 AM on 11 April 2005