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10 April 2005

If we build it, they will... something

A "Concerned Native Tulsan" added this comment to a Michael Bates article on downtown Tulsa:

[W]e are quickly trying to convince the folks that a NEW landmark, an architecturally unique arena will help revive folks' momentum to return to Tulsa. Then, placing that arena in a blighted area of downtown, that is known to be a chancy area to enter at anytime of day or night. Many folks feel that developing the arena along the river would have been a better choice ... but, who knew that Tulsa citizens would foot the bill for the arena, but, have no input as to where it would be built. Something is obviously not going right, when there are a select few that are dictating and controlling all issues within the city. And these few are very wealthy and with each decision, likely to become wealthier!

For some reason, this reminded me of a recent episode of The Simpsons, in which the Springfield city fathers are persuaded that what they need to bring their town up to speed, or at least up to Shelbyville standards, is a brand-new performing-arts center designed by Frank Gehry. (Gehry does his own voice.) The building is constructed, and when the townspeople discover that a performing-arts center is going to house, well, performing arts, they stay away in droves, and finally Mr Burns takes it over and turns it into a prison.

Now the likelihood of the new Tulsa arena becoming a correctional facility is of course nil. But there's still the matter of getting people downtown in the first place.

Posted at 7:06 PM to Soonerland

"the likelihood of the new Tulsa arena becoming a correctional facility is of course nil"

Don't be so sure Charles. One of the possible places mentioned for expanded housing of Cleveland County inmates is a recently built text book publisher's facility. Now doesn't that speak volumes about our crime situation?

Posted by: MikeH at 10:54 AM on 11 April 2005