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11 April 2005

Ford has a bitter idea

The House that Henry Built has shaved $900 million from its earnings estimate for the year, citing rising costs, including worker health-care costs, and slumping sales.

And there just may be a reason for the latter:

I noticed this evening that I just rolled over 60,000 miles in my 2002 F-150, and I'd love nothing more than to go buy a new one. But I'll be damned if Iím going to pay the exorbitant price they want for a newish copy of the same model 3 years later. There ain't nothing on it worth $10,000 more. I don't need no damn DVD player, side-impact airbags, GPS navigation system, or 36" spinner rims on a damn pickup. They started adding geegaws for urban yoots, hausfraus, and dashing young bankers from Upper Booho, and completely forgot about the dude who has to haul things around on occasion.

And dealers don't stock the strippers except as occasional traffic-builders.

It doesn't help, either, that the newest F150 has put on a lot of extra poundage, not all from bling: it's mostly due to the new frame design, which is substantially more resistant to flexing and bending, at a cost of about 600 lb and don't even ask how much gasoline. At least the stiffer structure benefits the dude who has to haul things around on occasion.

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