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12 April 2005

The new curiosity shop

In a bleak area in Chatham, Kent, on England's southeastern coast, work is starting on Dickens World, a tourist trap theme park based on the life and times and characters of Charles Dickens, featuring appropriate Victorian architecture and (probably) slightly anachronistic rides.

There is, so far as I can tell, no truth to the rumor that the on-site Uriah Heep character will be played by Senator John Kerry (D-MA).

(Via Chase McInerney.)

Posted at 7:16 AM to Almost Yogurt

I can just see the on site pub ... aptly named "The Cup o Gruel" ......

Posted by: Ron at 7:36 AM on 12 April 2005

Oh, the Simpsons would have a field day with this one.

Posted by: Dan at 1:52 PM on 12 April 2005