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13 April 2005

Debuting with a splash

Water Taxi of Oklahoma will start its river-transit service in the summer of 2006 with four 50-foot catamarans, which will carry passengers between the Reno-Meridian area and downtown. Unlike the seasonal Bricktown Canal service, these boats are expected to run 12 months a year.

Longtime residents will remember when the most plausible vehicle for negotiating the river was a lawn tractor.

Posted at 7:42 AM to City Scene

Having ridden the taxi several times & having heard the upcoming river boats, I have always wondered how folks are supposed to get from the river to the canal? There are a few train tracks in the way. Will a bridge be built for folks to walk over the tracks, or will a tunnel be built for folks to walk UNDER the tracks?

The former seems cheaper & safer, but the latter would be more weather-friendly.

Can't wait to see boats on the river.

Posted by: Dwayne "the canoe Guy" at 11:02 AM on 13 April 2005

Your guess is as good as mine. Back in '01 the guy who runs Water Taxi here said that there would be about 50 yards between the end of the canal and the debarking point for the bigger boats, which is short enough a distance to suggest that a tunnel might actually be under consideration.

Posted by: CGHill at 9:08 PM on 13 April 2005