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14 April 2005

Head games

Do we want our robots to look, well, robotic? Last year, Dallas inventor David Hanson, founder of Human Emulation Robotics LLC, said no:

Most people doing social robots believe that human faces will turn people off and will disturb them. I think that's ridiculous. The human face is perhaps the most natural paradigm for us to interact with.

I have yet to make up my own mind here, but I have to admit, I can see myself getting into a conversation with Hanson's "Eva," whom you can see here [link requires QuickTime and, at 17.2 mb, much patience] for yourself. At least there's a chance she wouldn't glare at me like those real girls.

Posted at 6:26 AM to Entirely Too Cool

Yeah -- Commander Data with C-3PO's face (but please not C-3PO's voice or personality!) would probably be more widely accepted, at least at first. Especially if the human face costs extra.

Once people have had a decade or so to get used to the idea of interacting with robots, then maybe the human face would be more marketable.

Posted by: McGehee at 10:15 AM on 14 April 2005

Right now, I think I can deal with a 2D simulation (think S1M0NE in that absurd Al Pacino movie) a lot easier than I can deal with a 3D artifact that's, you know, actually there, sort of.

Posted by: CGHill at 10:46 AM on 14 April 2005