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15 April 2005

Sand in low places

Lilly Valley, a naturist club in Fort Erie, Ontario, has announced its new single-day ground-fee schedule, and you can read all manner of things into the numbers:

$35.00 per day. Couples and Family.
$30.00 per day. Single Males.
$25.00 per day. Single Women.
$25.00 per day. Teen Couples (16-19)
$20.00 per day. Teen Males (16-19)
$10.00 per day. Teen Women (16-19)

I am not particularly surprised that single males over 19 pay a higher rate — a disproportionate number of them, I am told, behave badly under the circumstances — but I am a bit surprised at the deep discounts being offered teenagers. (Students 20 and up get a $5 break off the adult rate.)

Or maybe I'm not so surprised. One thing that the reputable clubs have in common is strict supervision, and sexual activity is very much frowned upon. For all I know, the teens may be better off dancing in the buff than going off drinking after the prom. (No, I haven't asked my own children what they think: for one thing, they're out of their teens, thank you very much; for another, they'd probably be horrified that anyone does this sort of thing.)

And if the message boards I've seen that are devoted to this topic are any indication, clubs of this sort are largely populated with people even older than I am, in which case some new blood is probably long overdue.

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