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15 April 2005

Who wants to know?

Well, well, more questions. Why not?

1. Have you ever felt left out or gotten your feelings hurt by another blogger? For example ... (PURELY HYPOTHETICALLY) Say a person asks you and four other people the same question, which you all answer in different ways. Then you run across a totally different blog, and that author has linked to every person's answer except yours.

No difference to me; I don't always work in every last possible link, nor do I expect the rest of the 'sphere to do so.

2. Do you become (even slightly) emotionally involved with your posts?

The good ones, yes. Fortunately, they are a minority.

3. Knowing that a blog is NOT the sum total of the author's parts ... tell me if you would agree or disagree (and WHY you agree or disagree) with the following statement:

Regardless of the material posted, aspects of the author's personality inevitably bleed through, unless every post they make is plagiarized.

How could they not? I figure someone could write a frighteningly detailed, spectacularly slow-selling book about me based solely upon the archives here.

And finally... 4. If you eat pasta together with anti-pasta ... will you feel as though you haven't eaten?

Hardly. You're simply transported to another world, known familiarly as the calzone.

Posted at 6:30 AM to Screaming Memes

Eh, if someone doesn't link me, it's no big deal. On the web where most bloggers are twenty-somethings, people like me are a dime-a-dozen.

And everyone knows when matter and anti-matter meet there would be a big explosion. Now eating pasta and anti-pasta--this will make having a severe case of gas seem like peanuts.

Posted by: sya at 9:07 AM on 15 April 2005

Sya, there aren't enough dimes in the world to buy even one of you.

Posted by: CGHill at 9:19 AM on 15 April 2005

Thanks for being on our show. ;)
(oh, and thanks for the trackback so my feelings wouldn't be hurt *snicker*)

Posted by: aka_monty at 3:44 PM on 15 April 2005

Is there some reason that my blog was removed from
your blogroll?

I'm beginning to think maybe I hurt someone's feelings.

Oh well.

I'll try to survive :(

Posted by: claretoothloose at 1:54 PM on 16 April 2005

It looked to me like you were concentrating your efforts elsewhere.

Posted by: CGHill at 2:15 PM on 16 April 2005


Posted by: claretoothloose at 3:30 PM on 16 April 2005