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17 April 2005

Where's the front of the horse?

TrackBack spammers: can't live with them, can't have them hunted down and killed. (Yet.)

I went through a spate of attacks by these grit-eating, scum-sucking, pencil-neck geeks myself, though I never got fifty at a shot the way Michael Bates did this weekend, or the mass quantities that have befallen cut on the bias and other Blogfodder sites.

Not necessarily apropos of which, Susanna said this earlier:

We're talking about corrections this week in class, and one of the things I always emphasize is that to be rehabilitated, you have to be habilitated in the first place. Supposedly rehabilitation programs are targeted at returning someone to a law-abiding and somewhat societally-functional behavior. The problem is, for a sizeable portion of the prison population, they've never had a law-abiding and societally-functional life to begin with so there's nothing to return to.

I submit that spammers, regardless of the technology used, are emotionally wedded to the concept of getting something for nothing, of riding roughshod over the rights and the property of others; trying to turn them from worthless parasites into useful citizens is likely to be a complete waste of time.

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I've been removing massive amounts -- in the hundreds -- from my databases. They're getting more and more desperate and quite frankly incomprehensible too; it's no longer card games and questionable medical substances they're peddling, but increasingly bizarre unnatural acts. I'm waiting for spam offering "fantasy r4pe p0okr-plaYING dogz" and then I guess the circle will be complete.

Posted by: Andrea Harris at 11:06 AM on 17 April 2005

I'm getting less barnyard-oriented spam than I was, but I've seen a marked increase in URLs that look like the names of suburbs in Kyrgyzstan, perhaps because no one is likely going to be able to write a filter that says "Block anything that appears to be a bad Scrabble rack."

Posted by: CGHill at 11:37 AM on 17 April 2005

True artificial intelligence should actually be able to work with an instruction like that, Charles.

Trouble is, the spammers would also have an artificial intelligence running his operation, and you just know the spammer's AI would bribe your AI with the IP address of a truly naughty cyberpr0n AI, "if you'll just let my spams go through."

Posted by: McGehee at 9:48 PM on 17 April 2005

Quite yer bitching, all of you! Buck up and enjoy the "unfettered free market!!"


Posted by: aldahlia at 7:13 PM on 18 April 2005

But I like bitching!

Posted by: CGHill at 7:16 PM on 18 April 2005

It *is* a fairly satisfying hobby.

Posted by: aldahlia at 7:17 PM on 18 April 2005