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17 April 2005

Smile, you're on Traffic Camera

Delaware has installed a couple of those red-light cameras, with more to come, and Fritz Schranck says Delaware's implementation is more defensible than those in some other states:

[T]he yellow phase signal timing ... by law cannot be shorter than what is set by the Department's Traffic Section, using the Delaware edition of the Uniform Manual on Traffic Control Devices.

Which means they can't, or at least they say they won't, speed up the yellow-to-red transition to maximize revenues.

I still have some qualms about this sort of thing, but at least Delaware seems intent on using the cameras as an actual safety measure instead of as a cash cow, and in what strikes me as a spiffy enhancement, they'll show you the actual footage of your violation online, which may be sufficiently discouraging to save you the $30 or so it will cost to appeal the $75 ticket and lose.

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