The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

19 April 2005

Urbi et orbi et Andy

It occurs to me, now that the ballots have been burned, that the really interesting bet would not have been who was elected Pope or what name he would take, but how long it would take Andrew Sullivan to complain about him.

It's not simply a continuation of John Paul II. It's a full-scale attack on the reformist wing of the church. The swiftness of the decision and the polarizing nature of this selection foretell a coming civil war within Catholicism. The space for dissidence, previously tiny, is now extinct. And the attack on individual political freedom is just beginning.

In other news, the sky is falling.

(Update, 3:35 pm: "I thought only teenage girls could swoon so dramatically," says McGehee.)

Posted at 2:56 PM to Immaterial Witness

To Hades with all these progressive, nee secular faux Catholics.....if you don't like what the church stands for hit the skids...membership is not compulsory. I keep hearing the drone of "women, faggotry, and abortion are not respected by the roman church"...tough noogies..there a plenty of 21st culturally relative churches out there that will coddle to your and ye shall find!

Posted by: paulsmos at 3:12 PM on 19 April 2005

21st century, that is.

Posted by: paulsmos at 3:13 PM on 19 April 2005

Andrew Sullivan complaining? If that's not a sign that the cardinals made the right choice, I don't know what is!

Posted by: Eric at 9:10 PM on 19 April 2005

first backing John Kerry, and now badmouthing the new pope before the man knows where he's supposed to hang his skullcap. I used to like reading Sullivan, and I still agree with him on a wide variety of issues, but frankly it is getting hard to take seriously someone whose major political yardstick is his penis. The "reformist" wing of the Catholic Church isnt interested in reform, it wants to upend thousands of years of moral teaching for its own purposes. If any Catholic is interested in what the Church will look like after Sullivan and the reformers are done with it, take a good look at the Episcopalians.

Posted by: akaky at 4:58 PM on 20 April 2005