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20 April 2005

The 700 club

R. Alex turned up this list of average credit ratings in the top 20 US cities, and he's scratching around for a reason why Minneapolis debtors score 50 points higher than their counterparts in Dallas. "Late payments," says an Experian analyst, but why would there be such a substantial difference in payment history at the opposite ends of I-35? The bottom three — Dallas, Houston, and Phoenix — have lots of Latinos, not all of whom are here legally, but surely that isn't the primary factor.

(No, I haven't looked at my score since I bought the house, and I don't remember what it was then, although I'm sure it wasn't over 700.)

Posted at 8:34 PM to Common Cents

I do find an almost Beavis'ish glee in discovering the Experian analyst you quoted is named "Arlene Dang" ...... kinda sums up my "score" :)

Posted by: Ron at 8:07 AM on 21 April 2005

I hadn't thought of the immigrant angle. That might explain why rapidly expanding Seattle hasn't been hit like Houston, Dallas, and Phoenix have.

Posted by: R. Alex at 11:07 AM on 21 April 2005