The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

22 April 2005

They built this city

McGehee was on this a couple weeks ago, and at the time it just seemed amazing to me: the city of Sandy Springs, Georgia, population 85,000 or thereabouts, thirty years a-borning, was finally about to emerge, and the underlords of Fulton County demanded its abortion — because, they said, with Sandy Springs incorporated, there would be less tax money available for the other end of Fulton.

And now the county will appeal to the Feds, claiming that the incorporation of Sandy Springs is somehow — get this — an illegal attempt to hurt minority voters, as though Sandy Springs were some all-white enclave trying to stick it to everyone else. (Last I looked, the population was 27 percent nonwhite.)

The Feds, most likely, will tell Fulton to go pound sand, and Sandy Springs, following a vote this summer, will be a full-fledged city, the seventh largest in Georgia in fact. High time, I say.

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