The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

22 April 2005

Engineered by Dick Hertz

Dr. Weevil suspects this record review might be a fake:

[Charles-Louis] Hanon is to piano methods as the "Moonlight" Sonata or "Heart and Soul" are to piano literature. Piano students are assigned Hanon from day one, and usually hate it. At first I feared that hearing just one Hanon exercise might trigger a Pavlovian response that causes innocent listeners to slam down the piano lid and refuse to practice ever again. On the other hand, 18-year-old Cambodian pianist Hu F'long Dong's amazingly even, accent-free, and rock steady finger work should inspire lapsed keyboard practitioners to give the piano another shot.

"Hu F'long Dong"?

[insert vague reference to Emanuel Ax/Yo-Yo Ma duet here]

Posted at 8:14 PM to Tongue and Groove

Oh geez, Hanon exercises--hate is such a mild word for it. I remember being assigned one exercise per week and it was like having my teeth pulled by a sadist.

Posted by: sya at 7:44 AM on 23 April 2005