The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

23 April 2005

Saturday spottings (largely random)

How successful is the Festival of the Arts? People were willingly parking half a mile to the west, despite this area's reputation as Scary Person Central. (The $3 tab instead of the usual $5 didn't hurt either.) Brisk winds didn't discourage anyone either, from the looks of things.

I escaped from downtown up Broadway, mostly to see if they'd installed Chase signage at Bank One (they had) and if they'd started work on the restoration of the Skirvin (they had). Broadway was closed at NW 4th — I'd forgotten that this was the terminus for the Marathon — so I ducked back down Dean A. McGee, which between Broadway and Robinson now seems to be an empty concrete gulch, just about the last one remaining downtown.

Back up Walker to see the roundabout at Plaza Court, which is now open, and well, it seems awfully small. Then again, it's not supposed to have multiple lanes; you can't just barrel your way in if there's traffic. It was probably wise to put a stop sign at 9th and Walker, forcing drivers to slow down and look at the darn thing.

The First Commercial Bank building in the Asian District, with its vaguely pagoda-esque architecture, is just about finished, and it teeters right on the edge of self-parody. (And therefore it fits perfectly with the Milk Bottle, the Gold Dome, and other close-at-hand examples from the WTF? School.)

And I came home up May, where the Bank One branch just north of 36th was getting a fresh Chase sign. On a Saturday afternoon, yet. I get the distinct impression that the locals (so to speak) are looking forward to the imminent arrival of their New York overlords.

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Ah, ya make me homesick. Stop it.


I do miss the Arts Festival. It was one of my favorite events each year.

Posted by: a guy in pajamas at 9:26 AM on 26 April 2005

And it keeps getting bigger: they're saying 750,000 showed up this year.

Posted by: CGHill at 5:58 PM on 26 April 2005

750,000? That's about the entire population of the city, isn't it? Wow.

Posted by: a guy in pajamas at 10:31 AM on 27 April 2005

530,000 in the city; 1.2 million in the metro area.

Posted by: CGHill at 10:44 AM on 27 April 2005