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24 April 2005

Cry wolf, and let slip the BS of yore

What's disturbing about the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's revelation that they'd overstated the effect of overweight on the death rate by a factor of 14 is the fact that the CDC doesn't plan to change its official stance:

CDC Director Dr. Julie Gerberding said because of the uncertainty in calculating the health effects of being overweight, the CDC is not going to use the brand-new figures ... in its public awareness campaigns and is not going to scale back its fight against obesity.

"There's absolutely no question that obesity is a major public health concern of this country," she said. Gerberding said the CDC will work to improve methods for calculating the consequences of obesity.

Translation: "We're going to keep beating this dead horse despite the fact that everyone knows it's really a marmoset."

The end result, of course, is that no one will believe the CDC on anything anymore; I'd sooner believe that, oh, Susan Estrich is petitioning the Vatican to push aside Benedict XVI and install a woman in his place.

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